TBT: Grateful Dead Play Augusta This Week In 1984
October 12th, 1984. The Grateful Dead were on the second night of a two night stay here in the capital. By this time, it wasn't necessarily Jerry Garcia driving the ship. While he was present, any slack was taken up by Bob Weir and relative newcomer, keyboardist Brent Mydland...
Throwback Thursday: Bob Dylan Played Augusta This Week In 1978
For this week's Throwback Thursday, we have Bob Dylan. Before Dylan and The Dead, before Time Out Of Mind launched his career into a new phase, and before he won a Nobel Prize, he was rolling through mid-life on the road. Sept 15th, 1978, he rolled into the Augusta Civic Center for the Str…
TBT: Black Sabbath Played Maine This Week In 1978
After 35 years, Black Sabbath have played their final show. Present day, Ozzy's sporadically touring, and rumored to be releasing a new album in the next year. However, this week in 1978, the band roared through the Cumberland County Civic Center to a crowd at 80% capacity.
Throwback Thursday: 1981 – Styx Play Maine
Styx bring the United We Rock tour with REO Speedwagon and Don Felder to Bangor on Sunday. They must love Maine in August, as it was this week back 1978 they brought the The Grand Illusion tour to Portland's Cumberland County Civic Center.

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