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Guns ‘N Roses Hit Career Milestone
I remember when they announced the reunion. "No way was GNR going to tour, and have it run through the entire summer." In fact, part of the reason I didn't purchase tickets to their Gillette shows was the idea they wouldn't make it. Well again, I was completely wrong.
Phil Collins Falls. Tour Postponed
We feel for Phil Collins. He's overcome a number of health issues to finally be able to hit the road again. Unfortunately, Phil has injured himself in the most un-rock and roll way.
Guns N Roses Return To New England
Last year, Guns N Roses brought their Not In This Lifetime tour around the country. No one (including this guy) thought it would last long enough to play out the dates scheduled for Gillette Stadium. Based on history, SOMETHING would go wrong. Fans would borderline riot since Axl refused to go on be…
No ‘Desert Trip’ Weekend For 2017
For those who thought a lineup with The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young was a show which couldn't be topped, you may be right. According to organizers, Desert Trip 2017 will not take place.
Elton John Coming To Maine! 5 Songs He Better Play
When word came in Elton John is coming to Maine for two shows, my mind immediately did the selfish concert fan thing of what HE BETTER PLAY! Being the type of Elton John guy who still listens to his new material (work with the late Leon Russell, and The Diving Board produced some of his best songs s…
No Deal In Place For Led Zeppelin Reunion
Earlier this week, Robert Plant's website was very cryptic in hopes of a reunion for Desert Trip AKA "Oldchella." "Any time now" sent the internet into overdrive on thoughts of a one off Led Zeppelin show. According to Billboard, the message on Plant&apo…

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