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Watch! Kiss Launch ‘KissWorld’ In Moscow
Monday night, Moscow wanted the best, they got the best! Kiss kicked off their tour of Europe and United Kingdom with all the expected fire, blood spitting, and explosions. 40+ years in, the band still delivers. If you have the opportunity to start a show with the 1-2 punch of 'Deuce' and 'Shout It …
Live From Daryl’s House With Kenny Loggins (Video)
I believe I first got turned onto Live From Daryl's House (LFDH) around 2008, after a friend sent me a link to watch the all new show. I was hooked from season 1, and it has only gotten better over the years.
If you are unfamiliar with the show,  LFDH is an online series that was first crea…
A List Of The Top 22 Autumn Songs
As we make our into Autumn here in Maine, I got to thinking about the best Autumn songs from over the years.
The website has released their top 22 Autumn Songs of all time.
I must say they that I agree with many of them, such as Harvest Moon, The September Song, and November Rain...

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