When word came in Elton John is coming to Maine for two shows, my mind immediately did the selfish concert fan thing of what HE BETTER PLAY! Being the type of Elton John guy who still listens to his new material (work with the late Leon Russell, and The Diving Board produced some of his best songs since the 70's) I'm still a first day listener/buyer. Yet, when at an Elton show, you simply can't deny the hits. The songs are larger than life, and wouldn't you rather sing along Tiny Dancer anyway? Not you, Tim McGraw. So, here's five we're hoping are on the set list.

5. Bennie And The Jets: The song which made Axl Rose want to be a rock star is one many of us fail miserably when trying to hit the high notes. So what? This song has always been a crowd favorite. The faux audience noise on the recording has always been pale in comparison to that in a sold out arena.

4. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me: Many of John's/Taupin's best songs turn the classic pop music trick of soul bearing lyrics, with an arrangement nearly celebratory. You find yourself singing along to the author's deep personal thoughts, without the fully grasping the message. George Michael famously covered this with Elton in the 90's, and in hindsight, his spin has added added some weight in the last year. Still a concert highlight.

3. Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding: The opener of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is almost a shoe-in for the set list. Elton has always had a top notch backing band, and their tightness really shines through on this opus. From an opening crawl, to the runaway ending, it's a must.

2. Mona Lisa's And Mad Hatters: Well, Mona Lisa's is the selfish choice on this list. I can't remember when it wasn't a personal favorite. Since I've only seen him do it live on YouTube, and a random TV show back in the day, it's on the list. Simple, and worth the full ticket price.

1. Rocket Man: Not because it's one of his finest songs. Not because lazy journalism saddled him with the nickname decades ago. Rocket Man is here BECAUSE many fans immediately scrolled to #1 on this list, hoping the author would prove his salt by offering up a deep cut to justify the fandom. Admit it, some of you eye-rolled upon reading it's placement. Good. Whether you've seen Elton play it 17 times, felt the burn of hearing it on the radio 40+ years, or are getting your ticket scanned for the first time in November. You'll appreciate this choice when you hear the familiar arrangement lead into "and I think it's going to be a long long time 'till touchdown" etc. Then, it starts to build into the chorus, and finally the point where every person is under the crowd lights, blurting out 'ROCKET MAAAANNN' in unison. It's a pretty magical moment. Get your tickets.