The Maine Turnpike presents a few options when it splits off in Scarborough to 295. Staying on the pike will take you past Lewiston/Auburn. However, the 295 option will save you a few miles en route to Gardiner, but you run the risk of hitting Portland traffic, which could negate the time saved in mileage. You'll also save a little in toll money by opting for the coastal route.

Cross Tukeys Bridge, and it's there on the right. The huge smokestack, the iconic sign, and four stories of goodness known as the B&M Baked Beans factory. Relatively unchanged since 1913, the building has stories and heritage as rich and thick as the product itself. While wheeling by, have you ever wondered what it looks (or smells) like inside?

Recently, the Portland Press Herald took a tour. What they found was amazing!