Is this really possible?

In 1967, The Beatles released St Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was released in the UK on May 26 and spent 27 weeks at the top of the charts, and was released on June 1 in the USA and spent 15 weeks at number 1.

Many (including this writer/dj) consider it the best of the best of the Beatles work. From the upbeat "With a little help from my friends" to the sad "She's leaving home" to the haunting last song on Side 2 "A day in the life", there really isn't a lemon on the whole album.

In 1967, psychedelic pop and rock provided a short lived but needed diversion from conflicts that would immediately resurface: the Vietnam War and America’s racial tension. Baby Boomers will remember the "Summer of Love" as a summer of innocence, no better captured than by John Lennon on his classic song "It's getting better" (it can't get much worse)

Today, we celebrate and salute this masterpiece of music. Happy Birthday, Sgt Pepper!