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Mule Runs Down Maine's I-95
A listener just sent us a remarkable video of a mule running down Maine's I-95 southbound in the Sidney area today (Aug. 1).
State Representative Burned In Winthrop Fire
The State Fire Marshal’s Office said a state representative from Winthrop was seriously burned this morning attempting to start a brush pile fire on his property.
Maine Senate Candidate Takes Unusual Approach In Dealing With Internet Trolls
Most people, when they are the subject of Internet trolling, do everything they can to make it go away as fast as possible.
Eric Brakey,a Republican U.S. Senate candidate running against Sen. Angus King this November, has done the opposite, his campaign has sent out a press release calling attention …
Police Looking For Info On Lewiston Incident
State and Lewiston Police are investigating a confrontation late Tuesday night (June 12)  at 10:45 PM in the Kennedy Park area between as many as two dozen teenagers, pre-teens, and three adult males.
One of the men remains in critical condition following surgery, according to Maine Department o…
Time Out for Sports Talk: Continuous File Maintenance
Todd: Feels strange doing all this opining during what is normally a pretty quiet time on the sports calendar, and yet it isn’t really that quiet.  Plenty of topics, so here we go with some more purging of files from the sports hard drive of my mind...
Time Out for Sports Talk: Ongoing File Maintenance
Todd: Another busy week in the sports world requires some opines on my part.
Starting with the world of hoops, as enjoyably memorable as the just-completed Celtics season was and as bright as their future appears to be, it still doesn’t make their Game 7 loss to LeBron&CloseCurlyQuote…