Fall wedding season is here. Over the next few months, many will tie the knot in central Maine with peak, or near peak foliage as a backdrop. One of the most important parts of the reception is the couple's first dance. Which way do you go? Country music is full of plenty of perfect choices, but what if you don't like country? Will you go with a classic soul track? What if you're both fans of classic rock? You want the song to reflect both your personalities and tastes, but classic rock features so many misguided choices. "Every Breath You Take" comes to mind. If you don't want to go over the top with a loud ballad, here is a list of 5 crowd pleasers.

5. Beatles - Something

When first starting in radio, I received a call for a song I had never heard. (in my defense, 17 year old Skid Row fans weren't deep into The Beatles) They requested "Something" as their anniversary. It always stuck with me, and is a great choice. Oh, of course I played it!

4. U2 - All I Want Is You

Many jump to "One," but like "Every Breath You Take," READ THE LYRICS! This one clocks in at over six minutes, which is a long time to be on the dance floor. Ask your emcee/DJ/band to trim it down.

3. Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

Obvious, yes. Effective? Absolutely. I never get tired of watching couples dance to it. On some level, everyone finds their relationship in that song.

2. Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

Likely the classiest song on this list. With lyrics like "We were born before the wind, Also younger than the sun, Ere the bonnie boat was won, As we sailed into the mystic." The song is a winner, and have an autumn feel to it.

1. Led Zeppelin - Thank You

This classic off Led Zeppelin 2 is a subtle, meaningful ballad. Bonus points if you want to have fun with the false ending. Leave, and then return to the dance floor for the reprise. Chris Cornell's version is also a gem.