Over the weekend, I caught a great documentary on Stevie Ray Vaughn. While most of it was obviously centered around the Texas Flood player, part of the special focused on SRV's love for Jimi Hendrix. One of Live Alive's highlights is Stevie's take take on Voodoo Child, and the similarities in style are uncanny. They cut to Hendrix playing, and while I have watched hours of footage before, I was fixated on it a little more. Then, September 18th popped into my head as the anniversary of Jimi's death.

I wasn't alive in 1970, so it's not like the date carries significance in "I remember where I was when.." Actually, the date only stands out because Nirvana's final studio album was released the same week (September 21st) in 1993. Both played left handed, and used huge amounts of feedback in their style, defined their generation. Tying the two together was a simple footnote of useless rock history.

Jimi's last public performance came a few days before his death, as he jammed with Eric Burdon's new band War ar Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. On the anniversary of his death, here is my Hendrix "Rushmore"

4. Wind Cries Mary - Smooth, and like many Hendrix jams, I have zero idea what it means.

3. Little Wing - Another one Stevie Ray covered. Somehow, within two and a half minutes, Jimi tells a story, yet forgets to come up with a chorus. No time for that, play a solo.

2. Third Stone From The Sun - The highlight of Are You Experienced. It's sci-fi rock at it's best.

1. Red House - Jimi's full on blues assault. Live at Winterland being the version of choice. This version a close second.