Humane Society Waterville Area has found themselves overrun with cats. Approximately 130 are currently in-house according to Central Maine News.

The cause of the excessive amount of felines? Multiple situations of animal hoarding and a lack of adoptions.

Photo From KV Humane Society

The shelter ended up with 25 cats after a Palmyra woman abandoned them and fled the state. One man from Canaan had a cat that kept having litters. The shelter has taken in more than 20 kittens from this man alone.

The shelter is asking for help. Adoptions are desperately needed but if that's not an option for you and your family they are also desperate for dry cat food and monetary donations.

The shelter is facing a $10,000 bill for all the vaccinations and spaying and neutering services done in just the last two weeks alone.

In an effort to encourage adoptions, Humane Society Waterville Area has reduced kitten adoptions by 50% and have waived adoption fees for adult cats.

Kennebec Valley Humane Society

Waterville isn't the only shelter feeling overwhelmed and overrun with cats. Central Maine News reports that Kennebec Valley Human Society in Augusta is hoping for an increase in adoptions by participating in the national Clear the Shelters event this Saturday. KVHS currently has 200 cats in their care and 75 in house.

Somerset Humane Society currently has between 50 and 60 cats.

If you were thinking of growing your family by four furry legs, now would be a great time!