Crows, Crows, Everywhere There’s Crows
In my wanderings I saw hundreds of crows together. I took the below picture because I was in awe of all of those birds gathered together. And I was slightly creeped out. I know a group of crows is called a murder and I can’t imagine that many crows is a good thing...
Renee’s No-Spend December Update 1
This may be an ill-timed challenge but what the heck. I am going to give myself a no-spend challenge for December. I found that I have been spending more on myself recently to make myself feel good or feel loved…my whole treat-yo-self mentality has been in high gear.
Minimal Contact Shopping & Dining is Getting So Easy
There are so many reasons to tap into the alternative ways to get food, household items, pharmacy, pet items…just about anything delivered right to your home.
I have used some of their services, and some of them I have only read about. IF you choose to take my opinions and use any of these services, …
From Android to iPhone And Back To Android
Some may say that the era of switching is over. People have made their choice and are happy with their ecosystems and don't see much if any value in switching anymore. Let's be real, we have had 20+ years to embrace either Android or Apple...

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