BIW is Constructing a Massive New Employee Break Room
According to the Kennebec Journal, a new and quite massive three-story structure is being built at Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath, Maine.
The building will be a total size of 21,050 square feet, though not all of that will be dedicated to the employee break room...
Enjoy Food Trucks & Lights @ The Enchanting Boothbay Ice Palaces
Did you even know there was a major event nearby that had both magical ice palaces and food trucks? If not, then you're not alone. I was officially today years old when I learned about this incredible event.
The event, situated on the Wiscasset Road in Boothbay, is a place for young and old alik…
Maine Woman Crashes Through Lincoln County Sheriff’s Building
According to a post from the Wiscasset Maine Police Department on Facebook, an accident occurred late Saturday night that ended up with a car buried inside the entrance of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.
Reports indicate that the accident happened around 11:40 Saturday night at 35-year-old Krist…

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