Around as Point & Shoot Films since 2015, brothers Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira, and Kimball Rowell have been making movies since the early 2000s.  According to Bob, as teenagers, they started making mock film trailers, short films, and music videos.  Their first project, a short zombie movie called “Dead”, was made in 2001.    In the early years, other people came and went, with the only constants being the three brothers.  Now, the staff includes Bob’s wife, Felisia, and Derek’s wife Tiera.

As a legitimate production company working with an independent distributor, Point & Shoot Films is a family business, with everyone chipping in on writing, story ideas, directing, photography, makeup, costumes, and acting.

All of their projects are shot and produced in Maine and New Hampshire.

So far, they’ve released an anthology called The Carnage Collection. Check out this NSFW trailer.

Bob says, as movie lovers, their inspiration comes from many different places.  Classic horror anthologies like "Creepshow" and "The Willies".  He says they also take inspiration from a lot of 80s and 90s movies like "The Faculty" and Wierd Al's cult classic "UHF" (if you've never seen it, YOU NEED TO).

Currently, they’re working on a project based on Bob’s favorite Twilight Zone episode (“A Nice Place To Visit”), a spoof called “Fuzzles From Space” and a sequel to The Carnage Collection.  On top of their own projects, they help other independent film makers produce DVDs and Blue Rays.