As crazy as it sounds there is a little roadside shop next to someones house that serves up amazing cheesecake slices 24/7, 365 days a none other than Ellsworth, Maine!

So, you're driving along and all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye you see.....

and you say to yourself...what!?  So, you pull in, you look at the sign again and think..."honor system, open 24/7...Hmmm...I gotta scope this out"!

Then you get inside and realize...there's no one there. There is a desk with a guest book, sticky notes to leave "Buzz was here" messages, forks, napkins, and an honor system pay box.  It seems so surreal. You could stop here any day, any hour your craving for cheesecake kicked in. Then you look around and like angels signing out of the heavens... there is cheese cake everywhere, in 30 flavors, by the slice, by the pie, it is cheesecake nirvana!

I have to be honest, I wasn't prepared for sheer number of options presenting themselves to me.  I decided on an 'Elvis' ,,,which is peanut butter and banana... but then I had to have the almond joy too, oh and the pistachio. It was truly perplexing trying to narrow it down. There were picnic tables outside, but with the "beware of bears", and a strong need to devour my find in private, I decided to take then on the road.

I decided I needed to take a pic inside just to confirm this wasn't all just a figment of my imagination. Phew, Momos is indeed REAL!

So the next time you're passing through Ellsworth, no matter what the hour, or day... find Momos, and indulge, you'll thank me!