Last week, I made a visit to Wnthrop's Maine Dental Boutique to have my teeth cleaned by Kim Fichthorn.

Like most of the health industry, the dental business is changing.  You no longer have the go to an actual dentist for cleanings, whitenings, and exams.  Now, you can visit businesses like the Maine Dental Boutique.

Her small office, located in the Winthrop Commerce Center, doesn't really feel like a dental office.  It's decorated more like someone's home.  Very relaxing.

Maine Dental Boutique
Maine Dental Boutique

Kim's services include: cleanings, whitenings, denture cleanings, sealants, oral health screenings, and oral cancer screenings.

Some of the benefits?  It is often easier to get an appointment at a dental boutique than it is to get an appointment at a dentist's office and you do not need dental insurance,

Wanna' give them a try?  Check out Maine Dental Boutique's great Seize The Deal specials