For some, yoga is not your cup of Moxie. You are hanging on to your New Year's resolution to get in shape by a thread. Don't lose all hope, just try THIS special yoga.

Fred Marple is a humorous perspective on New England life. He claims to hail from 'Frost Heaves, NH' and he has no problem poking fun at the likes of you! He lives a simple life, and enjoys the simpler things that New England has to offer.

Now, if you are just about ready to give you your New Year's resolution of getting thinner this year; don't just yet. If you tried yoga, and felt like it was more like playing a game of 'Twister'; this yoga is designed especially with your in mind. Fred is ready to start you on the next trending workout, 'Yankee Yoga'! And no, this is NOT to be taken seriously. Laughing also burns calories!