Do you have an old ratty mattress in the basement that might have a family of rats living in it? Well, shake them out, strap it to the truck, and head to the Mattress Races! has complied a list of fun winter things to do, and the Annual Mattress Races at Shawnee Peak is the one for me! To me 'Goin' Redneck' means taking commonly known items, and using them in a fun, 'yee haw' way. So, if you have an old mattress hanging out in the barn, this event is for you. According to the rules, you can have up to 4 people on your team, prizes will be given to the most uniquely decorated mattress, and Shawnee Peak will do you the favor of getting rid of the mattress for you! The event happens on March 10, so mark your calendar. And, you register day of from 9am-noon. Get the kids involved too! Check out the fun ya'll could have!