Yesterday afternoon, work productivity in central Maine was in the tank. Even by Monday standards it was bad. Yes, the mid afternoon time suck known as the Solar Eclipse. People were watching online, some came prepared with 4 pairs of regular sunglasses, and many people strapped on a welding mask, despite having no other welding supplies. Others stood with friends wearing official sunglasses.

We let the music do the talking. Starting at 2:04, we played the king of all mind warps, Dark Side Of The Moon. The 1973 Pink Floyd classic clocks in at about 42-43 minutes, and by the time album closer "Eclipse" hit the air, the real eclipse was peaking. Occasionally, we couldn't resist the urge to peek. But, this was the scene from the Meat Locker studio.


Eclipse, at peak #solareclipse. #pinkfloyd #darksideofthemoon #radio


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