Barbara Hinckley, an 95 year old woman from Auburn, lost her entire life savings to a man claiming to be from Publisher's Clearing House.

According to WCSH, The man, claiming to be David Sawyer, told her she had won $2.5 million and a new Mercedes.  Instead, she lost $25,000.

Hinckley said she sent the money because she recognized the name David Sawyer as being someone affiliated with PCH.  Clearly, it was not the real David Sawyer.

Publishers Clearing House wants everyone to know that winning is always free.  A warning on their website says, if someone contacts you claiming to be from PCH, and tells you you've won a prize, then asks you to send money, you've not heard from Publishers Clearing House.

Former Maine Governor John Baldacci has agreed to hold a fundraiser for her.  The fundraiser will take place on January 8th at Auburn Middle School.


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