Supergroup Black Country Communion are back after a brief hiatus. Instead of losing a step, it sounds like they've found one. 'Collide' is the first single from their upcoming album, due next month. Jason Bonham rejoins after a few years circling the globe paying tribute to his late father. You can hear the John Bonham-esque crack right away, as the song kicks in to a equally Zeppelin'ish riff that wouldn't be out of place on Houses Of The Holy. Joe Bonamassa, who was the holdout in the reunion, takes a break from slow burn blues. Finally, Glenn Hughes. At 65, the former Deep Purple vocalist still runs circles around front-men half his age with a multi octave assault.

The "Rock is dead" argument is silenced, at least for four minutes. Also of note, the production sounds more organic. One element the first run of BCC missed on was capturing the moment, and this catches it.

Rating: 9.2 out 10