Each Friday, we try to find something new for you to listen to. Whether it's a new release by a classic artist, or a newer band who've adopted a sound you're used to hearing on Capital 95.9.

Today, we look at a release over 40 years in the making. Neil Young intended to release "Hitchhiker" back in 1976, but deemed it not worth of release. It's a move he would later use when recording his MTV Unplugged album (where he walked out of his own show). Young recorded this in one evening with acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano on one track. Most of the material was releases in one form or another in the following years. Powderfinger, from Rust Never Sleeps sounds completely different stripped down, as do other songs. Human Highway steals the show here. It's a wonder how many other shelved live material is out there. Here's hoping there's more

Rating: 7 out of 10

Key Track: "Human Highway"