Each Friday, we find something new for you. Whether it’s a new release by a classic artist, or a newer band who’ve adopted a sound you’re used to hearing on Capital 95.9.

This week, it's a new spin on an old classic. 1987 was a watershed year for "MTV Rock." As a result, 30th anniversary editions have been hitting the shelf all year, with Appetite For Destruction and Hysteria leading the way. Joining the fray this week is Whitesnake's self titled classic. This album brought the band to arena level, with former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale (and video essential Tawny Kitean) leading the charge.

There are a few different versions of the package. For those who want to go big, the 4-CD/DVD collection includes the original album, newly remastered, unreleased live and studio tracks, all the music videos, concert footage, a 30 minute documentary, featuring a new interview with Coverdale, (insert infomercial voice) BUT THAT"S NOT ALL!! There's also a 60-page hardbound book with photos from the tour (which hit Portland in January of '88.) Ed Note: I still have the tour book I purchased that night. There's an entire disc of unreleased live performances featuring the touring band, most of which were not even on the record. The music includes live versions of several tracks from the album, plus classics “Slide It In,” “Love Ain’t No Stranger,” and “Slow An’ Easy.” An additional disc features 11 unreleased demo and rehearsal recordings, including early versions of nearly every song on the album called 87 Evolutions. The final disc introduces newly remixed versions the album’s four singles, (including the killer radio mix of Here I Go Again), as well as songs from 87 Versions, an EP released in Japan. The DVD includes music videos remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, a and other great features.

If you want to keep it simple, there's a remastered single disc, which won't have tape that gets caught up in your cassette recorder. Not that that's happened to me, or anything.