According to a post of the department's Facebook page, over the last few weeks a series of cars have been stolen in the Oakland area.

Just last weekend, another vehicle was stolen.  This time, the theft occurred in Sidney.  In three of the four thefts, the vehicles ended up wrecked, but the perps were charged.

Recently, items have been stolen from vehicles.  Particularly disturbing is the theft of firearms from at least one of the vehicles.

Recently, the Oakland Police Department received credible information that there will be copycat attempts at the thefts.

Police are asking people to do what they can do deter the thieves.  Take basic precautions: keep your vehicle locked, take valuables out of your vehicle or keep items out of site, and NEVER leave your keys in your car.

If you have any information about the thefts, please call the Oakland PD at 207.465.2202  

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