If you are looking for a new home, look no further than 1612 Norristown Rd. in Maple Glen Pennsylvania. This is a gorgeous home in a quaint neighborhood that you can buy now, fully furnished, for just $750,000. And look what that gets you:

First off, look at his beautiful house! I'd so live here!

Now we venture to the wooded backyard complete with gazebo.


Now we venture inside to see a stunning kitchen again, fully furnished.

Next I lead you to the very cozy living room, it's so fancy it doesn't even have a tv. You just have to sit there and appreciate the beauty of the room.

Here is an office, or shelter to hide from your family, whichever you prefer.

Now we have a lovely dining room, we got a glimpse of it in the kitchen picture, but here is a complete view.

How many rooms does this house have? So many they bought a pool table! #RichAF

This is the sleeping bedroom, where people sleep. Again, way nicer than anything i'll probably own.

Back outside because i'm not a good tour guide, here is a lovely patio, but this is in Pennsylvania so it's really only useful for half a year.

Here is a room of expensive coat racks. 

And now...we head to the basement, and see... WHAT THE

Sticks and stones break my bones, whips and chains DO NOT BELONG IN THE BEDROOM!

I don't even WANT to know what this thing is used for! If you know, DO NOT TELL ME!

So if you want to purchase this FULLY FURNISHED house, complete with its own sex dungeon, it can be yours for just $750,000! You can inquire here.