This week in 1980, Jefferson Starship played the Cumberland County Civic Center. By this time, they were about 110 degrees towards what would be a 180 degree steer from Jefferson Airplane to Starship. I say 110, because even after they reformed the band as Jefferson Starship, some of Airplne's style was retained the first few years. By 1980, both Marty Balin and Grace Slick had left, and Mickey Thomas entered the picture. The band were riding newfound success with a streamlined sound on Freedom at Point Zero.

On this night, you wouldn't hear "White Rabbit" or "Volunteers." Also gone was the love and peace of the Airplane spirit. Recent hit "Jane" was joined with "Ride The Tiger," and they closed with the Airplane classic "Somebody To Love."

The Fools opened up the show attended for what was basically a half full arena. All tickets were under $10.