For this week's Throwback Thursday, we have Bob Dylan. Before Dylan and The Dead, before Time Out Of Mind launched his career into a new phase, and before he won a Nobel Prize, he was rolling through mid-life on the road. Sept 15th, 1978, he rolled into the Augusta Civic Center for the Street-Legal tour.

Kicking the set off with crowd pleasing "My Back Pages," he quickly went into Blood On The Tracks territory with "Shelter From The Storm" and "Tangled Up In Blue." The hits kept rolling with "Like A Rolling Stone," "Maggie's Farm," and "Blowin' In The Wind." The 27 song set ended with "Changing Of The Guards." Change was coming, as the following year, Dylan became a Christian, and recorded the album Slow Train Comin'. An album which gave us the classic "Gotta Serve Somebody." A song which is still one of the best music based scenes of The Sopranos.

After touring sporadically in the mid 70's, '78 saw him play 114 shows. Wikipedia reports 1978 tour grossed more than $20 million. Dylan told the Los Angeles Times that he had debts because "I had a couple of bad years. I put a lot of money into the movie, built a big house... and it costs a lot to get divorced in California.