Monday night, Moscow wanted the best, they got the best! Kiss kicked off their tour of Europe and United Kingdom with all the expected fire, blood spitting, and explosions. 40+ years in, the band still delivers. If you have the opportunity to start a show with the 1-2 punch of 'Deuce' and 'Shout It Out Loud,' you do it! With a set-list mildly different than their most recent trip to Portland, watch the full show below:

In 2016, Paul Stanley told The Morning Call the band has a philosophy for wowing crowds this far into their career. "We want to do the best show and we want to blow away people who get to see us once every two years, five years, ten years. Those are the people who we put the show together for. If somebody come night after night or sees ten or fifteen shows on a tour, well, they may be asking why we don't change the show up much. But the fact is we don't change it up that much because once it's great, you don't mess with it. If you mess with it, you're doing it more for yourself than for the audience. We want to do the best show possible."

Kiss in Moscow: Full Show