Guy Fieri has been a Food Network staple for years. Guy has long been known for his trips to "Flavortown", his bold look often sporting spiked bleach-blonde hair, and bowling-style shirts, and of course his cooking expertise.

His biggest television win and perhaps his biggest career win overall is the hit show, "Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives". The show premiered on Food Network in 2007 and after 30 seasons, and 384 episodes to date, the show is still going strong.

The overall premise of the show is a dream for many. Guy travels the world in search of, you guessed it, the best diners, drive-ins, and dives throughout the country and has, on occasion, ventured to other countries.

With Maine being a foodie destination for our fresh seafood, and with Portland being dubbed the 2018 Restaurant City of the Year according to Bon Appétit Magazine, it's no surprise Guy has made his way to 'Vacationland' multiple times.

Here are the restaurants he's featured on the show "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives":

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Blink and you'll miss this diner/dining car in downtown Gardiner. This restaurant was built by the Worcester Lunch Car Company in 1946 according to Central Maine News. This diner serves up timeless diner comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at fair prices and wonderful service. Guy especially liked the potato hash.

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Anyone who's anyone has been to Becky's Diner. No, really! In addition to Guy, they've also served Taylor Swift and former president, Bill Clinton. Becky's offers a lively, at-home atmosphere, serving up diner favorites as well as Maine classics such as chowder, clam cakes, scallops and, of course, lobster. Guy even got to indulge in their Thanksgiving plate which is a year-round favorite.

This Southern Maine staple has been going strong since 1956 in Kittery and adding a 2nd location in Portland in 2018. In addition to tasty clams, lobster, and other seafood dishes, Bob's is committed to the environment and is fully solar-powered! The restaurant also uses compostable paper as well as plastic alternatives.

This diner is no stranger to the spotlight with an appearance on The Today Show Under their belt as well as 'Triple D'. This diner was opened in 1983 by a guy named Socrates "Louie" Toton. In addition to running the diner, Toton loved gardening and there's a garden out back that is not only maintained but produced from the garden is used in the diner! To date, the restaurant has served over 7 million customers. Be sure to try the lobster pie featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives!

It's hard to miss this waterfront hot spot! The Porthole regularly features live music on their lively outdoor deck, a must-visit for anyone bar hopping in the summer. Don't let your visit end there though. Grab one of their amazing dishes like the Porthole Lobster Scallop Cake, or the Casco Bay Crab Burger.

My guess is you're probably starving after reading this list, I certainly am after writing it! So get out and enjoy one of Guy's favorites right here in your back yard. With only 5 he's only just begun his Maine food adventure. Where do you think he should go next?